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Heavy Equipment Repair and Training


We do restoration and repair of classic, specialized, and hard-to-find machinery, tractors, equipment and vehicles. We have published several books and curriculums that make it accessible for anyone to learn these techniques.  We also sell and service Stanley Products, Deep Sea Electronics, and SICES controllers.

Our specialties include diesel and gas powered generator sets, antique vehicles, portable sawmills, forklifts, and electrical controls. We do transmissions, gear boxes, engines, and machinery repair. We restore air and hydraulic brakes, and build custom instrument panels.

Surplus Equipment in the Northwest

We maintain a listing of surplus equipment available in the Northwest. We advertise all consignment items.

Preventive Maintenance Consulting

We show you how and where to put your preventive maintenance dollars. This keeps your mission critical machinery going, to protect your bottom line. It begins with our on-site Emergency Up-time Equipment Survey.

Heavy Equipment Mechanic Training

We offer on-site Heavy Equipment Mechanic Training, diesel engine mechanics, and more. We do custom skills training for people of all experience levels. 

Find out if Pillar Creek Equipment is the next step for you. Contact us today to discover how we can take you to the next level of mechanical proficiency and preparedness.

Learn More…

To learn more about diesel mechanics and using the techniques found in Field Expedient Repair (FET) and the US Army’s Battlefield Damage Assessment and Repair (BDAR), contact us to receive information on these techniques and information about our classes, training, and more!

Preparing a Safer Emergency Response

A free excerpt from our 2-day seminar!

Litigation Support For Machinery And Equipment Topics

Now featuring hundreds of mechanical repair procedures compared, both good and bad, clearly contrasted for courtroom graphics with a database of industry standard repair procedures.

Many presentations based on interviews of Master Mechanics and Welders.

Generator Repair

  • Home, standby, and off-grid generators
  • Gas, diesel, and propane fueled machines
  • Installation of generator sets and standby systems
  • Installation and fitting of heat recovery systems
  • Automatic control troubleshooting
  • Deep Sea Controls
  • Troubleshooting
  • Gen set engine repair