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Ben Evridge

Ben Evridge spent 20 years maintaining many of the 1,200 fishing vessels then residing in Kodiak, Alaska, keeping them running in one of the world’s most challenging marine environments. He is a contributor to National Fisherman and Diesel Progress Magazine.

Writing and training became my main focus 30 years ago after a chance meeting on a flight to Chicago. An older gentleman struck up a conversation, and after learning what I did in Alaska, offered me the job of revising a text on Diesel Mechanics.

After the project was published, I continued documenting the art of remote heavy equipment repair as it was done in Alaska’s bush. Soon I had an extensive archive of the many previously un-published work-a-rounds done by field mechanics who were… “In the middle of no where, with nothing.” The value in this effort is that it helps keep mission critical machinery operating in adverse conditions.

Emergency responders like fire fighters and soldiers use these resources in disaster response efforts. The techniques include Field Expedient Repair Procedures similar to Army Battle Field Assessment and Repair (BDAR) topics. We have extensive resources to keep marine and industrial heavy equipment working in all conditions. Pillar Creek training courses show technicians how to benefit from our extensive experience in remote field mechanics.

Many of these items are documented in my books Practical Boat Mechanics and Diesel Mechanics, as well as being archived on the Pillar Creek Equipment Blog.

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Ben Evridge, mechanic.
Ben and his grandson Francis.