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Mechanical Skills Training


Heavy Equipment Mechanic Training

We offer on-site heavy equipment mechanic training, diesel engine mechanics, and more. We do custom skills training for people of all experience levels. Available courses include:

Heavy Equipment Mechanic

The value of this training goes far beyond the technical content of the program, because participants become part of a network dedicated to improving their skills, thereby furthering their careers.

Mechanical Repair and Restoration Tips and Techniques

This includes restoration of items such as broken and hard-to-find castings. We also demonstrate how to salvage antique tools and parts with techniques gleaned from over 45 years in the repair trades.

Emergency Field Mechanical Techniques

We offer on-site emergency field mechanics training. When mechanical trouble strikes miles from home, our techniques will get your people home. It might be in a remote oil field, in a mine, or even onboard a commercial fishing boat. We have the resources to make the difference. Training includes Field Expedient Repair (FET) Training to get machinery moving again, in any climate. Battlefield Damage Assessment and Repair (BDAR) techniques are modeled after the approach taken by the US Defense Department: keep machines and people moving.


$85 per hour, with fixed bid sums available for some jobs.

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